Sterling Silver vs. Silver Plated...Do You Know What You Are Paying For?

Sterling Silver:

Sterling silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper— that’s where the “925 Silver” comes from. These two elements create a product that can withstand everyday use, maintain shape and that desired shine. With proper care, sterling silver jewelry will last years of use and can surely be passed down to future generations.

Silver Plated:

Similar looking to Sterling Silver, same color and shine, but there are two major differences....Quality and Price. Only the SURFACE of your jewelry is covered with silver. This thin silver coating will chip/scratch off fairly quickly with light wear and reveal the cheap base metal that your piece of jewelry was made from (usually copper, brass, nickel etc.) Some of these metals can cause skin irritation for the wearer and even turn your fingers an ugly green color🥴 But....silver plated jewelry is significantly less expensive which may be a reason you’d want to make the purchase in the first place! However, silver plated jewelry will tarnish much faster than a solid sterling silver piece causing you to buy over and over again...which will add up to as much if not more than one quality sterling silver piece.

**All of Spirit Mountain Silver’s pieces are made using .925 sterling silver and fine silver to give you a high quality piece that you will love and cherish forever and be able to pass down to future generations.

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