Hi guys! My name is Leah! I am the silversmith and one-woman show behind Spirit Mountain Silver. My workshop is located in the beautiful New England area and I began my journey as a silversmith in December of 2019.

I took one 6 hour silversmithing class and my instructor basically told me this hobby wasn’t for me....hmph. When I told him that my goal from this class was to be able to make my own jewelry and sell it one day he laughed and told me I’d need to sign up for their pricey 6 week long program. Well, I decided against it and ended up making a tiny workbench in my garage...and that’s where it all began. I mostly learned the trade through online blogs, YouTube (big life saver), a whole bunch of trial and error and a lot of melting of pieces!

I mostly worked at night and on the weekends when I wasn't at my other job. As my small business began to grow, I moved out of my garage and into a much bigger space at my family's leather workshop in Wilmington, MA. From there, I began hammering out custom orders along with jewelry collections of 15+ uniquely handcrafted pieces!

All of my pieces are handcrafted with my own two hands and the inspiration behind my brand comes from the many horses that have touched my life over the years. I often times find myself coming up with designs when I am in the presence of these beautiful creatures. 

In my free time, you can find me at the barn with my baby, miss Reina, a 4 year old mustang from Chokecherry Utah. 


The Inspiration Behind My Logo

It may sound silly, but the word Spirit came from one of my favorite childhood movies “Spirit”- the Disney movie with the buckskin horse. The movie is one of the many reasons I have such a love for horses.  All of my life I have been drawn and fascinated by horses and have felt a stronger connection with them more than any human being. There is something so magnificent and mysterious about horses and nothing is more empowering and fulfilling than sitting on top of a 1,000 lb. animal and trusting them with your life. I truly believe they were an angel put on this earth for us.


The reason I chose Mountain is for my love of nature and the outdoors. Nature is so powerful and I believe the cure all to stress, anxiety, depression etc. There is nothing better than sitting on top of a mountain observing all the wonders and beauty of this world. I am truly thankful to live in New England where I have access to the magnificent White Mountains.


Horses and nature have always been extremely important to me throughout the course of my life. I think there is a lot we can learn about ourselves through animals and nature. They can speak to us in ways we may not fully understand, but if we listen to what they have to say we may be able to better understand the purpose of life.