How To Care For Your Jewelry

.925 cleaning handcrafted jewelry polished Silver sterling turquoise

All of Spirit Mountain Silver's pieces are handcrafted entirely in .925 sterling silver and fine silver. Almost all of the pieces are given a patina to add to the character of your piece. If you wish to remove the patina, you can do this easily with the polishing cloth that is provided with your Spirit Mountain Silver purchase!

Silver will naturally tarnish over time therefore it is very important to take proper care of your piece. It is highly suggested that you avoid any moisture when wearing your piece. Remove your piece before washing hands, applying perfumes, lotions, showering, etc. 

All of the stones I use are natural and may have an uneven shape or texture, thus adding to their uniqueness and beauty. Since all the stones I use are natural, they are very delicate and should be treated as such. It is advised to remove your jewelry piece before any rigorous physical activity. Try to avoid dropping or banging you precious stone piece as the stone can fracture or crack. 

The best place to store your silver piece is in an air tight jewelry box/baggie that prevents oxygen from penetrating your piece. Oxygen will cause a chemical reaction called oxidation which dull and discolor your piece over time.

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